Change Log

V2.1.3 - 12-10-2014
  Simplified upload system that works on more browsers.

V2.1.2 - 12-06-2014
  New featues and faster code.
  Re-write of most code for added speed.
  Added double width and double height feature for keys.
  Added basic arrow key symbols.
  Added button to turn on and off black borders.
  Updated KSF file format.
  Upload facility can load old and new KSF format.

V2.0 - 2013
  This was a major re-write bringing the code upto about 1000 lines.
     Moved from mm to px, making a more accurate layout (most noticable in chrome).
     More font sizes.
     Saving and uploading key-sheet files.
     Auto-save and auto-reload of your current project.
     Text box is in focus most of the time, no need to click in it.
     Added mouse over effects.
     Re-wrote the Instructions page.
     Added a FAQ and Changelog page.
  Known Bugs:
     IE8 when in 'Compatibility' mode: No text centering. [Turn off to fix]
     Chrome, Opera and Safari: Fail to print the background colors. [Use snip or print-scr]
     IE6: No text centering.[Use Firefox or Chrome]

V1.0 - 2011
     First attempt, minimal options

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